My Secret Life As A Deviant

by El Demento

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Short live acoustic set in a "hostile" environment in the middle of a short, ill-advised coffe-house & open-mic-featured-artist "tour". El Demento (and sometimes side man Larry Liar) abandon the planned set and play some of El Demento's earliest songs from his earliest incarnations.


released March 15, 2011

El Demento - Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Larry Liar - Electric Guitar, Vocal

Recorded live February 14, 2011
Kow Pasture Lounge, Owasso, Oklahoma

Originally released on CDr on Demented Records (Demented 1)
©1987-1990, 2011 Standard Deviation Music (ASCAP)



all rights reserved


El Demento Los Angeles, California

Solo work from Deviant (the long time underground musician) that spun-off in the early 2000s as dark man-and-his-guitar project that has since had the occasional inclusion of a side man or looping station. The El Demento monicker came from a friend of friend who always accidentally referred to him as "Demento" instead of "Deviant" -- it gradually became an inside joke when playing without a band. ... more

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Track Name: Spraypaint
We came from the land of rain
Stars in our eyes and a female name
We scrape up off the bottom on our knees all the same
What does it take to get ahead?
Say the right things, sleep in the right bed
The five-year plan can change a mortal man

Once in a while you find a soul
Where devotion sinks in and love takes hold
And you curse and curse the first day you know it's love
And what does it take to be a man?
Wasting time in another fuck-band?
The five-year curse has left me terse and hungry

Time beats on me like rain
Wasted on my window pain
Wanting for the secret glimpse of what a man should never see
Your neighbor is your enemy
So come and find your identity
It's never too late to learn the value of hate

Idols and images were always too much for us
We'd share your apathy before we'd share your disgust
We never had time to find a political schtick
And if you turned your back on our favorite cause
You wouldn't even make us sick

But when the flag start flying and the sheets come down
And the swastika spraypaint all over town
Has the hippies scratching head in disillusion
They can't believe they backed the wrong revolution
And your best friend's piety becomes a joke
As the houses and the bodies go up in smoke
The day your leaders stop their lies
Well, that's the day that everybody dies

On the wall... (spraypaint)
On the wall... (spraypaint)
On the wall... (spraypaint)
On the wall... (spraypaint)
Track Name: Him
I've got a new song and I'm fired up
You think I care but I don't give a flying up
So who's important?
Who's got the edge?
Who's got the feeling?
Who makes the bed?

He's just a menace who steals the crown
He's just a joker from the other side of town
And I know him well
And I know his thorns
And I know the year, the month, the day, and hour he was born
Just let it go...

So when's the future?
Is this our chance?
Who's got their hand in what?
Who stands in circumstance?
What are he's resources?
Is he in league with that entity that keeps me in this full fatigue?
And I know him well
And I know his thorns
And I know the year, the month, the day, and hour he was born
Just let it go...

Some of the parts, parts of the few
Slice of the equal
Now who hates who...
And I know him well...
Gotta let it go...
Track Name: Lawrence (Head of Lettce)
Lawrence was a very strange boy
He had a tattoo of Nicholai Chauchescu on his forearm
Bides his time as a night watch guard
Goes to school and carries the party card — he's got ambition
Wants to be a big-time hater
Image bigger that a Chinese dictator or Joseph Stalin
Pounding back those double martinis
Pounding his fist like Mussolini
And no, no, no... no, no, no... it's Lawrence

And now we come to the second obsession
He had a lust for female attention
And it was hard to come by
Chatting up 'til his money's spent
Foaming at the mouth, he gets violent
And he doesn't see, doesn't see the connection
No he doesn't see, doesn't see the connection

Coming home at 3am
Confusion and cruelty in his mind again
Cuz they're so cold, they're so very cold
Made his way to the refrigerator
Stripped down naked and an hour later
We walked in and caught him with a head of lettuce
Fucking a head of lettuce...
Track Name: Daisy Age
In the summer of our sweet content we are immune
From each other, from our mothers
From impending doom
If all we want is all we know
We cannot reap what others sew
We will not be what we should be
We will not take that road

I will not work in a bank
I will not sell my soul
We love money well enough to let it go
And if there is a daisy age
Don't waste it on the printed page
The time you spend raising awareness will not raise my wage

No big secret, no big movement
Just a context for improvement
In the daisy age, the bottom line is pay the rent
Track Name: Good Thing Gone
Scratchy vinyl records and surface noise
A drink drunk in the past
Stubby bottles for drinkin' beer
Made from dark brown glass
I'm sick of being sick and I'm tired of being tired
What ever happened to all of those heroes
That we all used to admire
Why do rob us of the things that you flaunt at us
Each and every day
Advertisers crawling all over each other
To tell us what they have to say
Only to you...

I never knew that the two of you
Would be so true to me
Everywhere that I stop and stare
Just tells a tale on me
Good riddance to you, sir
You've fucked with our thinking for long enough
It's just like a tumor
Better cut it before it gets rough

You and me and surface noise (good thing gone)...
Track Name: If God Is Dead
Ambitions were never ambitious enough for me
Don't know what I want to be
I heard the news
Can it be true?
Now *there's* something I'd like to be

If God is dead... If God is dead... If God is dead...
Then give me the job
Gimme gimme the job...

Taking the power
Is a lonely road
Who cares if you've got control
Stick a needle in your eye
Just did it and don't know why
Because you lied to me

If God is dead...
Track Name: Christmas In Oakalla
December crisply drips
Outside of these four walls
The last vestiges of hardcore
Locked outside these iron doors
There is truth somewhere in the male adolescent pain
But we're getting nowhere
When people stick their necks out
To be chopped off in vain
And we've been drinkin' the way folks do
And we've been thinkin' how festive liquids should be shared...

It's Christmas in Oakalla, so mother dry your tears
Christmas in Oakalla as we raise another beer
It's Christmas in Oakalla and I hope you get another year...

You didn't think life was fair
When you stabbed your best and only friend in the back
And it's not as if you cared
It was just a stepping stone affair

It's Christmas in Oakalla, so mother dry your tears
Christmas in Oakalla as we raise another beer
It's Christmas in Oakalla and I hope you get another year...

We used to wonder if we could have saved you or not
But now no-one cares if you sit and rot
Track Name: Loving Ivy
Once you've had Ivy you'll never go back
Once you've had Ivy, you'll never ever go back
She'll pull you down in the gutter
She'll love you so hard
You won't want no other
Leaving her is so hard

Ivy... let me tell you about my girl

And you'll never leave her unless she's leaving you
She's always seeing others
She's always telling you what the fuck to do
You won't eat or drink for nine days to be by her side
You'll laugh and you'll sleep 'til she tells you to cry
You'll hurt so bad you'll be worn to the bone
You'll wish you'd never been born

Ivy... let me tell you about my girl

Let me tell you a little more about my girl [*ramble*]

Ivy... let me tell you about my girl